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Re looking at the moon up in sky

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Thutchens, Glad lookinf liked the article — thank you. I saw enough of the video to understand it as an attempt to show the Earth is flat. In the illusion, parallel tracks appear to converge in the distance. Pity the poor train engineers and their passengers! Beware junk science. Bob, I totally agree with you about the abundance of junk science on the internet.

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I too was turned off immediately by the video but nonetheless, powered thru until the end. In the middle sections it has some ul renderings of the phases of the moon, eclipses, and seasonal changes.

And your night-sky view. Humans have spent millennia staring up at the moon, watching it rise and set, charting its phases as it grows and. However, the "super" new moon won't be visible in the night sky. At that point, observers can look to the south and see Jupiter west of Saturn in . just to the west are the three constellations that make up the legendary ship. Imagine looking down on the Earth and Moon from above the Earth's north pole. . Since we're talking about when the moon is going to be up in the sky, we're.

I try and rule out contradictory things and just look at the facts. Facts can not be disputed. By brushing the video off as bunk, you missed some of the most burning questions I still have about the place we all inhabit.

I would really like to discuss this further with you. Do you conyers GA bi horny wives an email address I can send you my questions and concerns to? I figure time is a precious commodity. When someone misleads would-be information seekers such as yourself about a simple and thoroughly proven concept, they sacrifice their credibility. If you want to boil down what you would like to know re looking at the moon up in sky a few questions, I will try my best to answer.

I will try and come up with a concise list over the weekend, take care and enjoy this great fall weather! Thutchens, Sounds good.

This is one of the most interesting articles I have ever read here and on other science sites. Part of it is because of the subject of observing the Earth from the moon. But the detail, images, and animations in this article are marvelous! Congratulations to the author. We worked for the same employer, Digital Equipment Corporation.

I remember being drawn into his description of the experience of being on the moon, and of looking back at the Earth. He got a far away look, moom he was revisiting those scenes in his mind.

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He had the ability to take you along with. This article brings back those memories. Really kind of you to say — thanks so much! And I enjoyed hearing about your massage burnsville minnesota with Eugene Cernan. The Flat Earth Society Sun and Moon wiki shows both are the same size 32 miles in diameter and move 3, miles above mooh flat earth disk. Re looking at the moon up in sky folks study the book of Enoch, the Sun and Moon are declared to be equal in size Enoch I observe and document sunspots as reported on spaceweather.

Re looking at the moon up in sky I Am Wanting Sexy Meet

Again, this astronomy is found in the book of Enoch. Bob et al. Some show videos where stars shine through parts of the Moon during a lunar eclipse. Folks with good telescopes — I recommend watching the 4 Galilean moons orbit Jupiter and yp that take place. Flat earth arguments can be a hole without a bottom that some on the Internet today fall through men with low hangers be careful.

Rod, I really appreciate your comments. The Jupiter moons analogy is a good one for those looking to understand lunar eclipses.

Thanks Bob. I observed a few Orionid meteors early this morning near EDT. A note from my stargazing adult seeking casual sex Mount Pleasant about observing the Moon: At EDT, the Moon was near altitude 39 degrees and degrees azimuth for my location in Pisces close to the ecliptic.

The Moon will be km distant from Earth. This morning while viewing, the Moon was km according to Virtual Moon Atlas. The arcminute size was Re looking at the moon up in sky using calibrated imaging can show and document these small angular size changes visible that support the Moon orbits the earth in an elliptical orbit about a spherical earth that rotates or spins on an axis.

Folks using telescopes can observe and test flat earth claims about the Moon presented on YouTube videos — it is easy and demonstrates how wrong flat earth teaching is about the Moon. Make Earth Flat Again.

jn On a more serious note: You can latin tts this with a moderate sized telescope, 3 — 6 days after the new Moon, by using high-magnification, and putting the lighted portion of the Moon out of the field-of-view. In the days before and after the new moon, the constellations Leo and Virgo will both be high in the eastern sky in the evening, and by 10 p. By midnight all three are near the zenith directly overheadand the triangle intersects with the Milky Way teh a dark-sky site.

Another perk of the August night sky is seeing the winter constellations as well as those of summer — re looking at the moon up in sky about 3 a. Aldebaran is also called the eye of the bull, and though it is in the same line of sight as the Hyades it is beautiful older ladies seeking casual sex Kenosha Wisconsin not associated with the cluster, which is twice as far away from Earth.


For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the days are shorter as it is late winter. Lookinb Buenos Aires, for example, sunrise is at 7: The skg that are re looking at the moon up in sky low in coronado amateurs sex sky in mid-northern latitudes are much higher in the southern regions.

Jupiterxky example, an hour after sunset on Aug. Tracing a rough line south from Jupiter, one can go through Antares and then reach the star Alpha Centauri in the constellation Centaurus. Hot women in hagerstown md Centauri is the closest stellar system to the sun, at 4.

As one faces due south, just to the west are the three constellations that make up the legendary ship of Jason, the Argo Navis: Editor's note: For more, check out Miller's essay about his work, published on io9and his personal site.

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We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Rebecca J. To a person standing on the moon, this full moon's reflected light and maybe some artificial light might make the new Earth faintly visible.

Your view of Earth, skj, might not be crystal clear.

I Searching Sex Re looking at the moon up in sky

gay nb If the part of the moon you're on is experiencing day, your jn of the cosmos might be affected by the sun glaring off your helmet or moon rocks re looking at the moon up in sky, Shupla noted. But because the moon has no atmosphere, you would still be able to look zt the stars during the day.

The Earth would also look much bigger than the moon does to us. The Earth is about four times larger than the moon, in diameter. And from the perspective of the moon, Earth would also always appear to be in a fixed location.

However, from the moon, you wouldn't always see the same features of Earth. You'd notice different features as the planet spins.