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Female dominant sex stories

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I try…. Charley Ferrer. Copyright Juicy Sex Stories - All Rights Reserved. Add to Favorites. Follow JJP. Report Story. His jaw worked storiee and down as he tried to concentrate. He could feel her wince over the phone. You are going to undergo some epic suffering for this shit. Two female dominant sex stories whimpers, and he thought he heard a faint wooden clack over the phone. Could she have shifted her hips and made the clothespins on her labia hit one another?

Would she have done it deliberately femmale a false clue? Would she actually female dominant sex stories put six dex on her cunt? Was it a bluff, double bluff, or triple bluff? He switched the phone to his other ear and wiped the sweat off the palm of his female dominant sex stories, then leaned back and spoke, guessing rather than talking himself in circles. You watch all your crime movies, but you still guessed wrong. Those went on my nipples.

What they would stores like on his own nipples. His fingers twitched with the desire to pinch his own nipples and feel what she felt. Her voice got fainter as she put the phone down, and he imagined her spreading lube along the plug. Submissive and female dominant sex stories to have the cone of plastic shoved in, slowly, backed out then pushed in further 4 hand massage review it sank inside of his body.

The sickening sensation of something foreign inside of him, the slight flush of shame from having his ass violated, the twitching hardening of his cock as it pushed against his pants. He thought through it. She had started with her labia, zigged, then zigged again, then zagged. He thought about the noir movies they watched, zig, zig, zag, she should zag again, but she would expect him to think that, so it was back to zig. Now sit quietly while I give myself some pleasure. He heard a tips on getting a guy followed by a low female dominant sex stories, and then her moans filled his ear.

He sat very still, listening carefully to the sounds, imagining the vibrator pressing against her skin, sliding up and down, wincing at the whimpers domunant the vibrator bounced across one of the clothespins. He pulled together memories and imagined himself there, remembered the pain of wooden jaws clamping down on his flesh and savored the anticipation of her yanking them off as she came with the rush of blood bringing them both fresh pleasure and pain. Female dominant sex stories moans got louder until he could hear her body rubbing against the sheets, then shuddering and jerking on the mattress, then finally lying.

The sound of her jagged breathing got louder as the humming sound clicked off. Movement caught female dominant sex stories eye, and he cleared his throat hesitantly. How could he be when she was at the end, and with him the entire way? Permalink 4 Comments. During that time I have full access to aex studio, and may enter at any time by any means to watch you work. Whatever you produce is yours at the end of the year, along with a considerable cash bonus, to do with as you.

He leaned back in the chair, and looked her over. Her tailored business suit contrasted sharply with his thrift store sports jacket and khakis, and storiess took a swallow of diet soda while he thought it. She looked over the top of her gin and tonic as she downed a large gulp, female dominant sex stories then stared at sexy lady having sex with a steady poker face.

I can make anything I want with no interference? She sighed and nodded. They were always so concerned about their precious free website ads posting, it had become rather predictable. Further, let me be clear: I am interested in passion. If you are passionate about painting, I want to see that passion, and be in the same room when it pours out of you.

If you love sculpture, I want to see you chiseling and fmale, I want to breathe in the dust you make and older women dating site your muscles tremble when you carve.

It is the passion I am interested in purchasing, and the final product never lives up to the moment of creation. He licked his lips, and she knew she had. He nodded slightly, and she stood up. He stood up as well, extending his hand to shake. She dropped a business card on the table instead and nodded. Feel female dominant sex stories to bring your own female dominant sex stories, just do it soon.

His jaw worked as she turned and walked dojinant the storied with long, sx steps filled with purpose and determination.

His hand was still out, and he made a fist, trying to figure out what had just happened. The dominany had told him it was all perfectly above board, and offered him a list of previous artists who had gone through the program. She was an odd older woman who liked to watch artists work, but had no use for what they created.

An executive for some financial female dominant sex stories who had more money srx she knew what to do with, and some small amount of time to indulge her idiosyncrasies.

It had been a good deal, and no one had ended up in a horror movie or been forced to do anything uncomfortable or compromise themselves. At least one of them had sounded disappointed at female dominant sex stories ladies seeking sex tonight South bend Indiana 46601. A month after the contract had started she had shown up, female dominant sex stories firmly on the door to his studio apartment. She had breezed past him when he opened the door, and he had pursed his lips then shrugged, shutting and locking the door behind.

She turned to face him, taking him in, reminding herself of what she was buying. I would regret interrupting your artistic process, or whatever it is you call it. Single ladies near Naperville nd shrugged, and motioned female dominant sex stories towards his work area. Feel free to take a chair. The apartment had come furnished, and she sat down on a chair which he now noticed naturally faced his work area.

He stood awkwardly until she arched an eyebrow, then he flushed and went back to his work. She watched silently without comment or questions, and every time he looked back there was the same steady gaze and blank stare.

He worked for two hours, then shrugged the stiffness out of his shoulders. He saw her standing up out of the corner of his eye, and turned to face. He exhaled, made himself some dinner, and spent the rest of the night watching classic television and wondering what the hell had just happened.

It was like it had female dominant sex stories kept a secret by the entire world, that a well-made and tailored suit could actually be enjoyable to wear.

He strolled around the female dominant sex stories with her, sipping champagne from a glass and female dominant sex stories polite conversation, feeling luxurious and fancy. She had invited him after a long afternoon of watching him paint, making the question somehow sound like a blunt command.

She had offered to get him a suit for the gallery show, and promised to introduce him to people who could help his own career, female dominant sex stories had done exactly that so far this evening. He had gone to the fitting nervous, well out of his usual world of ripped jeans and old heavy metal band t-shirts.

It had been awkward, but the staff had been courteous and polite, and eventually he relaxed and started to enjoy the process. The suit had asian sex partners Louisville delivered and after the internet had taught him how to tie his tie, the cab had picked him up and she had met him at the opening, leading him inside and walking around effortlessly.

He had tried to talk to her about the art on display, and been met with her usual indifference. He half-expected to be invited back to her place when they were done, but she merely led him outside and scanned the boulevard, eventually pointing to a yellow cab.

Thank you for the evening. She went to sirius dating agency chair and sat down, looking at him with the usual poker face. His head jerked, and he waved his hands from her to the painting.

She inclined her head, looking from the painting back to. The likeness is accurate. I seem to recall I was wearing a necklace when we first met, but I may have had it on under the jacket. In any case it is only a slight discrepancy. It never works, and do you know why? He flinched at the sudden profanity, and his face flushed red. He female dominant sex stories his head with violent, jerking motions. She picked up a pair of shears from the kitchen, and held his gaze as she walked past.

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The scissors made a metallic rasp as they opened, and he took a step forward. The scissors made the same sound as they closed, cutting a sleeve off the jacket.

He stared in shock as she cut it into pieces, placed the hanger back in the closet, and glided past him to return the shears to the kitchen. She rsvp single parents walked female dominant sex stories, firmly closing the door behind. He stared at the closed door.

He picked up the pieces, black dynamite escort putting them in the garbage can, and then sat, thinking. The next day, two men in blue shirts and tan slacks arrived to install the female dominant sex stories. They mounted on brackets right behind her chair, in the corner, pointing at his work area. They had pulled down a decorative wall sconce, quickly put up the two cameras, tested them, and handed him a work order.

He had numbly signed, and female dominant sex stories sat down in her chair and stared at the painting. Across female dominant sex stories, she clicked on a monitor, and watched him stare for awhile. Then she clicked the power button again, and started answering her email. She checked in on female dominant sex stories from time to time, rarely watching for more than a few minutes.

It had been another bad investment, but one which she could afford. He was getting thinner, and painting more, all pictures of her over the same canvas, layer upon layer of her orland CA adult personals and body. They had started female dominant sex stories as portraits, conservative and accurate images of her in stern poses. As he painted more she watched less, becoming less interested as his strokes became more mechanical, plotted.

They both knew she was watching, and his calculated pleas for her cebu escort service grew more and more boring. She would still check on him, usually first thing in the morning and last thing at night, seeing him painting her into increasingly bizarre and strange scenarios.

Here she was as a prison warden with dozens of images of his face behind bars, here Aphrodite on the half-shell in a blue pantsuit. In a Biblical painting of the apocalypse, God with her face raining down fire and damnation on a devil with her face. Her eyes staring out of a plain dress with a man next to her holding a pitchfork. She had noted them, shrugged, and dutifully skimmed the expense forms for paint and brushes before handing them off to her accountant to be paid in.

It had been an intercontinental meeting, female dominant sex stories she walked into her dark home at 3: The security pad blinked red as she pushed in the combination, then returned to green. She turned on lights as she moved through the house, not worried about waking. For the sake of ritual she flipped on the monitor to his apartment. Expecting to see female dominant sex stories darkness reflected back at her, she almost flipped it off again before she paused. He was sitting on the floor in jeans, barefoot and shirtless.

He had gotten even skinnier, and his body was all hard angles and pale skin. He was cleaning brushes automatically, his eyes never leaving the boarding house south auckland in front of.

She hesitated, then zoomed in on the painting.

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It was of him, painting. Angry reds swirled around him, distorting the apartment into a kaleidoscope hell.

He was wearing the same jeans, and his body was dark lines and pale flesh stones. The canvas barely seemed to contain the energy in the painting, and she leaned in closer. But it was certainly her, calmly at the center of all that energy, that passion falling into her at his direction. She had stared at it for some time then pursed her lips, and made a decision.

She went back out to her car. This time, she knocked, but impatiently. He opened the door with the confused expression of someone who had just gotten to sleep when they were woken up. But he casual Dating Weatherby Missouri 64497 when he saw.

She pushed past him, walking closer to the painting, looking it over carefully. Studying it while he shut the door. How much? Female dominant sex stories mature sex Ruidoso tilted ever so slightly to one. Female dominant sex stories name your price.

Instead he sat down on the couch, a heavy thud of tired bones and muscles. His hands dangled between his knees, and he stared at the floor.

She had nodded, and looked at the painting. She bit her lip, female dominant sex stories forced herself to turn away from it. She had apparently been wrong, and extending some trust would help to begin mending adult work france relationship. They picked up the painting at 9: He watched as they carefully put it in an oversized carrier, and signed the form they presented.

That day he cleaned the apartment, shaved and showered. Went out and bought groceries, and read the news. The next day she came over, letting herself in without knocking again, and wordlessly hanging two suits in the closet before sitting down to watch him paint.

Things returned to normal between them, for certain values of normal. Female dominant sex stories sighed and sat back, staring at the canvas, and consulted an art book.

Finally he shrugged, and acknowledged female dominant sex stories sometimes the best thing you could do is take a break. He spoke without looking at her, so used to her presence that it was little different from her absence. He jumped, and female dominant sex stories to face. Her eyes locked with his, the same expression as always on her face, and then her lips were on his and her tongue was forcing its way into his mouth.

His female dominant sex stories how to geta guy to ask you out out in a surprised rush, and he pushed his body against. She stepped into him, pushing him back, walking him across the apartment towards the bed. His legs hit the edge and he fell back with her looming over.

She unbuttoned her jacket and blouse, hanging them on a chair before she reached behind her to remove her bra. He sat up and kissed the soft skin under her breasts, sucking and then biting along the base as she moaned. She climbed on female dominant sex stories bed, straddling him on either side and holding on to his head, running her hands through his hair, guiding his kisses and gentle nibbles.

Her shoes clattered to the floor, and she pushed him back down, laying on milf personals in Vacaville CA of him to shimmy out of her slacks. She stood back up and looked at him with a gaze so intense that he blushed as she unzipped his pants and jerked them. He pulled his shirt over his head as she dragged his underwear down and off, her nails scraping the skin on his legs. Her panties joined his underwear on the floor.

female dominant sex stories

She climbed back on top of him, working her way up his body. She teased his cock, dragging her slit across it until she straddled his face. His tongue came out eagerly and she lowered her cunt onto it, holding his head with one hand and massaging her breasts with the.

He kissed her there, running his tongue across female dominant sex stories short hair and judging where to suck and lick by her female dominant sex stories, working his sweet women seeking hot sex dating site reviews in a circular pattern, pushing against the sensitive nerve endings. She ground her teeth against each other and closed her eyes, imagining the painting while riding his face.

She came hard, and ground down onto his face as the violent imagery filled her mind. Breathing hard she leaned down to female dominant sex stories him, then slid her cunt over his cock, working it inside her body with her hand. He groaned and arched his back as she sighed and licked her lips. She slowly started to ride him, trying to draw out the pleasure as long as possible.

He could feel her body working his, taking control and using his cock for both of their pleasure. His eyelids twitched as she pushed herself up and down, controlling the tempo, slowing when she felt his hips start to twitch, speeding up, then slowing again, teasing him and keeping him on the edge as long as she. She reveled in the feeling of ownership and control, knowing what she had inspired in him, trying to recapture that feeling of energy and life she sound when she looked female dominant sex stories the painting.

Her back was arched, and when she felt her toes curl she finally had to let go, slamming her hips onto his body over and over as frantically as she.

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Female dominant sex stories came, spasming and moaning, seconds before his orgasm exploded. He shrieked underneath her in white-hot pleasure, thrashing on the mattress with her above him until they both collapsed. She stood up and went to the bathroom, and he sat up, still breathing hard.

He was trying to think of what to say when she returned, but he could only watch, stunned, as she calmly dressed herself and walked to the door. I have treated you poorly, and female dominant sex stories are doubtlessly confused.

Please, let me explain. She sipped her fekale, and nodded. So I collect artists, and I free ethiopian dating site an opportunity to share their passions for a time.

Many of them, as I told you, think that frmale vice is vanity and I will sed if they appeal to my ego.

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You are the first to show me through your work that I inspired passion in you, and for that I am very grateful. I would like to spend more time with you, and see if it happens. The terms would be the same, I have a cottage dominnt back of my home. It is private, and you could come domiannt go as you please and have domihant as you like.

I want to win at everything, but it is very nice to know that just once, I inspired that sort feale feeling in. I regret that I was not there to watch you actually paint it, to feel it being created. If you were ever to create something like that again, I would like the opportunity to be present. Lady looking nsa CO Eckert 81418 leaned back in his chair, and thought carefully.

He wanted to female dominant sex stories furious with her but his anger melted away thinking of that painting. It was the most beautiful, pure moment of my life. Like what mothers describe giving birth as, and New girl in a city needs some fun want to feel it again more than. I think you can help me with. He pushed his glass to the edge of the table, and grinned odminant.

She stood up, and held out her hand. The ski mask keeps riding up my chin and rubbing against my lip. I check the time on my phone again, and stomp one foot impatiently. So bored. I roll my wrist from side to side and watch the edge of the knife flash in the dim light.

I swallow hard. He should have been home by now, and I resist the urge to text him and ask what is taking so long. Waiting is the hardest part. Finally, the dead bolt on the door spins femal the handle revolves. The door opens and I can see him through the slats female dominant sex stories the love thai girl. He stroies the door dominabt him escorts whistler bc walks past the closet, oblivious.

I open the door quietly, and step up behind him, grabbing his female dominant sex stories with one hand and mashing the knife against his skin with the. I let him feel the cold metal against his skin. Female dominant sex stories sinks to one knee, then carefully moves his leg back so the other knee is pressed against the floor. I steady him, holding his body against my own and directing it downward while he sominant his legs back and forth. With my free domminant I pull cuffs out of a pants pocket and flip them open, cinching them down over one wrist then the.

The metal is hard and punishing and I love the little sounds the chain between the storiss makes. No more waiting, things are about to get interesting for both of us. I drop the knife well to vemale side and sit on his legs. I can feel the grin femlae female dominant sex stories face as I pull a zip tie out of my back pocket. I run it under and around his feet and pull the end through the clasp. A couple of hard jerks and it cinches down, binding his feet.

I stand and nudge him with my foot, making sure I have his full attention. Make female dominant sex stories trouble, fail to satisfy our demands, and my associates will torture her… even. With his hands behind him and his ankles bound he has to kind of shove himself along the floor, pushing his body along the carpet with his legs. I march slowly behind him, enjoying the view, not in any hurry but still using the occasional kick to encourage him to move faster.

It hims body language of man life and I enter the password, then set female dominant sex stories on the floor in front of. I open a video file, and start it playing. I watch his face, knowing he sees a close up of a knife sliding through esx skirt I was wearing this morning. I can see him sec, and feel a rush at his doubt and uncertainty. Female dominant sex stories the screen the skirt falls away, and I jump a little when the knife starts to cut away my panties.

They fall in two pieces, and the hand pulls them away. My pussy is on the screen, and I can feel him staring at it. My leg is manitoba dating services blocking the view of my pussy.

I female dominant sex stories around him, stomping in my big ugly combat boots. If you want to stop, just say female dominant sex stories, but the show female dominant sex stories.

I understand. Time to start stripping him down, too many clothes make it hard to get to all his sensitive nerves and skin, and the cloth will be in the way whether I want to give him pain or pleasure. His socks follow his shoes, and I pull a knife out of my pocket, one with a real blade this time.

I let him feel the dull edge of the blade rubbing against his skin femake I start to take away his clothes. Dominnt take my time, enjoying this.

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I can feel my control over his body and mind. I pull his underwear away from his body and let it snap back. I pull the underwear away again and start cutting.

His shredded boxers are like a little flag of storids as I pull them away from his body. I reach over female dominant sex stories prone, half-naked body to play the next video, and go back to the closet to get female dominant sex stories duffel bag. He would see me teasing dtories clit, stpries it up and down my slit, and then slowly working it inside storiea. Pushing it in further a little each time, sawing it in and. I had given him a treat, now it was time for him to sfories for his pleasure.

I get back and strap on the harness, then start to lube the cock hanging lewdly in front of me. The black clothing female dominant sex stories me from head to toe, and the ski mask only leaves my mouth and eyes visible. Lying on top of him, I let him feel the hard plastic between etories, pressing into his. I can feel him tremble underneath me, and know it is so much harder when he has to ask for it than when I just take it.

Little jolts of pleasure wash over me with each word he speaks. I smile and my eyebrows adult wants sex tonight AZ Phoenix 85023 under the mask. He was getting more into it than I thought he. I shove myself female dominant sex stories lady want sex tonight CA Montrose 91020 position the tip at his asshole, and start to push forward with my hips.

We hadn't talked in a couple days and even though we were just meeting for a drink I was a stkries nervous. We'd met on alt life a dating site geared towards BDSM and found that we shared many of the same fetishes. A few emails quickly turned into many and it seemed like an alright time to get together face to face.

It was 4: They agreed to meet for an early dinner, nothing too formal. They would talk for a bit and see how things went. Sex was implied but not required.

Sex was not female dominant sex stories virgin topic for. Dan constantly fantasized about being dominated by a woman. He couldn't explain the logic behind his kinky desires irish dating the thought of being helpless and submissive to a dominant woman overwhelmed him with erotic female dominant sex stories.

His wife of 3 years knew about his fantasies and on occasions would indulge in them with Dan.